In B.C there are several ways families can find and learn more about autism professionals (or Autism Service Providers).

Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)

The RASP is a list of individual private practice professionals that families can access to find services for their child. The RASP is regularly updated and may be searched by region and by profession. New professionals are added frequently.

RASP Support

Our Information Officers can advise families choosing to hire a professional from the RASP. They can help with decision-making based on:

  • The child’s age and their level of functioning
  • Where the family lives
  • The family’s preferred approach to intervention


Agencies are not listed on the RASP. The RASP reviews credentials of individual professionals but not the services of an Agency.

When contracting services with an agency, parents should ask:

  • If professionals associated with an agency are listed on the RASP
  • If the professionals they hire are qualified to work independently without supervision
  • If front-line service providers, such as Behaviour Interventionists, are regularly supervised by qualified professionals
  • If the agency has enough qualified professionals to see your child regularly

Be cautious of situations where the professional’s name is on the invoice but does not take an active role in your child’s program, allowing an unqualified person to provide service with little supervision.

We recommend that families with children of all ages choose their professional service providers from those listed on the RASP.

Families in the Autism Funding: Under Age 6 program are required to choose their professional service providers from the RASP

Families in the Autism Funding: Ages 6 – 18 may only use their funding for the following services:

  • Behaviour Consultants/Analyst
  • Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapist
  • Behaviour interventionists (It is highly recommended that all behaviour interventionists be supervised by one or all of the professionals listed above)
  • Life skills and social skills programs
  • Out-of-school learning support/tutoring (not part of the regular school program)
  • Specialized therapeutic activities and camps designed to address your child’s ASD
  • Dietary counseling from a registered dietician
  • Family counseling/therapy
  • Other interventions as recommended by a professional/ specialist (A Letter of Recommendation written by an eligible professional/specialist is required and written pre-approval from the Autism Funding Branch is recommended)
  • Autism funding can be used towards before and after school supports, tutoring, therapy services (e.g., speech-language therapy, behaviour consultation), and social activities provided outside of the typical educational program

Review the Autism Funding Branch’s list of eligible expenses before deciding on a treatment plan for your child.