The goal of the funding program is to help families with the cost of purchasing intervention services that will promote their child’s communication, social-emotional, academic and functional life skills development.

Only specific services, therapies, training and equipment are eligible for funding. Families may also use up to 20% of their annual funding to purchase eligible equipment, travel or training.

There are two types of Funding Programs:

  • Autism Funding: Under Age 6
    Families can access up to $22,000/year to pay for eligible services
  • Autism Funding: Ages 6-18
    Families can access up to $6,000/year to pay for eligible services

How Autism Funding Works:

  • The Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Autism Funding Branch sets up an account with funding in your child’s name.
  • Parents then choose to hire eligible service providers that meet their child’s needs.
  • Service providers send their invoices to the Autism Funding Branch.
  • The Autism Funding Branch pays the service providers directly.

Applying for and Accessing Autism Funding

Helpful tips:

  • Your child is eligible for funding from the first day of the month that MCFD receives all required documents. Mail or fax copies of documents to your local MCFD office before your meeting with a Children and Youth Special Needs  (CYSN) Worker. The CYSN Worker will review the documents to ensure they are complete.
  • You can access forms you may need here:
  • In addition to autism programs, MCFD provides a range of supports for families of children and youth with special needs. Your Child and Youth Special Needs (CYSN) Worker can provide you with more information.