An effective program for children with ASD requires a multidisciplinary team of certified professionals who can work together with parents and family members.

You can help your child reach his or her full potential by proactively managing your child’s professional health care team. Here are some ideas about building and maintaining strong relationships with your team:

  • Understand the role of each person on your child’s team, how much time they will spend with you and your child, and what they charge for services
  • Have a written contract with the professionals you hire
  • Meet regularly with team members
  • Review information recorded by team members
  • Review your child’s needs and communicate them to the team
  • Monitor whether your child is progressing and meeting the goals of the Behaviour Plan of Intervention
  • Treat team members with respect and encourage ongoing, positive communication with all
  • If necessary, re-evaluate whether team members are a proper fit for your child
  • Comply with B.C. Employment Standards if anyone working with your child is considered an employee